Thursday, December 3, 2009

A wonder a minute

I awake to the sound of steady rainfall, feeling contentment -- what better sound to awake to? I see red Severe Weather Warnings on -- strong winds! lotsa rain! Then sitting on my couch, beginning my efforts of the day, is that a patch of -- blue sky? And there's the sun, streaming through the front windows. But of course.

A few hours later, as I head out the door for Pilates, it's warm. WARM. Do you know how odd this sensation is on the third day of December?? I had no jacket anywhere near me, and running home was downright for-real warm. In fact, I decided it was summer -- running along in short sleeves and strong sun, that's a fair decision.

So, from now on, I think I'll solely blog about the weather. Every day, near to every minute, there's always something fascinating happening.

I'm kidding. Not about the fascination, but I'll try to keep weather as only one segment.


It's later now, quiet but for Robert Johnson's ancient-sounding blues. Not sure what it is about this music that gets me, but it's something fundamental. Willa's trying to climb into my lap atop the laptop, Sucio is probably at his usual post, sitting in front of the stove/dishawasher in the darkened kitchen, expectant. I can't tell if it's abject food disappointment or if there are little mice running back there that he's waiting for. Neither possibility makes me happy.

Some more of the same vein of progress today, but no new exciting stories to tell. Just the increasing sense that if I were able to support myself through writing, freelancing or contracted but in some way with freedom built in, boy, would that make me happy.... Willa, she'd rather eat the envelope next to us on the couch. Sucio? He'd rather eat any damn thing.

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