Sunday, December 27, 2009

departuring reversed ... or, returning

The week away draws to a close. And it feels like time. Running on the beach tonight, I was doing all the Boston/San Diego compare/contrasts. San Diego predictably won on the beauty and ease-of-outdoor-living fronts, and Boston won on the more interesting real-live grittiness and cityness and historyness and seasonalityness and universityness and crazy-drivingness and intellectual-capitalness and in choice of governorness and politicness generally (hello and for deep deep shame, California, on equal rights and marriage equality!) ... probably a few more fronts, too, not that I'm at all biased toward my adopted city or anything like that. Yay, coming winter storms!

One interesting thing about the week has been that, sure, I'm on vacation and the holiday and lots going on, but just not being in my own space, and not having chunks of time that are solely my own sure seems to affect my ability to plunk down very many words. Not sure if that means this week will bring a torrent (oh what fun to wait and see!) or if my writing brain and typing fingers will simply need to take periodic sabbaticals.

I'm eager to get back to the gatos. Missy has been an entertaining fill-in purrball, but it's not the same. I miss my babies. Is Willa bullying Sucio? Has he taken to closet living? Or are they bonding in my absence? Is Willa leaving me a treasure hunt of hacked-up hairballs? I mean, serious questions for the ages, y'all.

Also eager to get back to the DOING. To the becoming-a-freelance-writer/editor-when-I-grow-up thing. Much to be done! The website creating (really, think, think, THINK we're down to or, the next-steps in Remarkable Marketing Blueprint (an idea is percolating to start a new blog! one more "professional' in nature -- not that me blabbing about the gatos and barf isn't highly professional), the talking to more people and researching and learning how I'm gonna do this -- yay!, plus the finding the right people with the money who need me, and yeah, all that.

[omg but typing lying on my side v leaning against headboard makes my low back SO much happier ... perhaps a sooner visit to my marvelous chiropracter is in order]

So, travel day tomorrow, and I can already tell how shocked by the cold I'm gonna be. Yi!


  1. gets my vote.

  2. All right, Anonymous, duly noted! Thanks for the vote.