Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the simple things

I really like toast.

It's so simple. So tasty in its buttery goodness. Some days, life should just be more like toast. We should ALL be more like toast. Perhaps I will make that my goal today: to be like toast. I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Now, take the gatos. They're totally toastlike. (Except when Willa turns evil at nightfall and stalks poor, giant, marshmallowy Sucio around the house. Altho, to be fair, at times Sucio decides what would be REALLY fun is to play with Willa. Like -- chase her! Yeah, yeah, let's chase her! The results are predictable.)

Oh my god. Let's take a break from butter-melty warm toasty-toast for a moment. You know what I just found out? Saturday morning at 7 a.m. it will feel like 10 degrees outside. Um, 10? TEN? Guys, that's cold. Guys ... I might be done rowing (til the thaw ... of the not-yet river freeze).

OK, let's get back to the toast. Know what helps with channeling inner toastness? Lying on your floor and having the sun hit your face. Know what puts the butter on that toast? Lying snuggled up with your cat and having her purr to you. OK, in the name of species equality, I bet having any species purring in your arms would put the melted butter on your toast. And, um, really, I don't mean that sexually. It just came out that way.

Today was a day of much brainstorming. Much with the index cards and the giant post-its (remember those?? they're beginning to fill their destiny!). And the thinking and the writing. And some with the Interneting. It's all very much in the yummy-and-goopy-but-raw-eggs-in-the-dough phase as of yet, so I'll hold off salmonella poisoning any of y'all. That would be bad. The first blogger to literally sicken and kill off her readers. Sure, there'd be a certain notoriety there, a certain fame, but bet I'd have a hard time finding new readers! Unless it would be like the women-taking-up-with-convicted-scary-felons-in-jail phenomena ... maybe it would skyrocket my readership.... OK, and just maybe? There's enough brainstorming that's happened in my day. May be time to turn the brain OFF!

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