Saturday, December 26, 2009

Perhaps not my most profound, nor coherent

So. We all made it through Christmas. One holiday remaining in 2009. 2009, what a year. What. A. Year. Don't think I'll miss it, but I am grateful to it. Suddenly, I'm flashing on that Frankie Valli song, Oh What a Night. NO, I'm not in the habit of channeling such music, and the subject matter of my past year and that song is really dramatically different ... it's just the title that's similar, really.

You know, I don't seem to have a ton to say here. Not that that's stopping me. I think there are related ideas that I could string coherent phrases together about (possibly), but my belly is very happily full of homemade mac & cheese and it's as ever waaaaaayyyyyyyy-aaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy-y past a Boston bedtime, which seems to turn my cranial matter to mush nightly. So. How about we sleep on it. And -- and -- maybe -- maybe ... web names ... down to ... 2?? and Maybe? I do love damnfinelines so, have to keep reminding myself I can love it madly and not wind up with it. Perhaps it shall have another purpose for me yet. Oh. My brain just went from mush to Jello. I felt it shift. Is that a downgrade? I'm in no position to know....

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