Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little moment pearls

Those little pearls of life, sometimes you gotta stop and peer....


Last night in Harvard Square, taking leave of a friend on a street corner, we were accosted by a rather drunk, charming-accented Irishman who hailed us with the greeting "hey ya yuppie bastards." He proceeded to ask where Beth Israel hospital was (he was gonna "fall right over," you see), to say he didn't have any fucking money for a cab, and to indignantly tell a story of a cop on the T pouring out his $9 bottle of ... something special. And then he meandered right off.


Have you seen a willow tree in winter? They're lovely. The wisps turn into what look like feathery drooping branches, gorgeous silhouetted against a late winter afternoon sky. (No camera with me to try and capture for you.) I happily observed winter willows from a playground swing at my nearby park (Note: There were no trapezes at this park. Just in case anyone were ever wondering. In case someone ever thought you could find trapezes at parks. Because I continue to maintain that you can't. Know otherwise? Please, do tell in those comments!)

Also, swinging as an adult? Grand. Especially when you find quality swings that don't, um, squinch nonchild hips. My nearby park has such quality swings, I'm pleased to say.

The exciting web name update
The web brainstorming continues. Oh, such excitement. Can you feel it build? Today I had the thought that I might just throw a dart at my evergrowing list. Or maybe -- pin the tail on the web name?

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