Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Four things

OK. The first thing I have to tell you is that IT IS SO DANG HOT IN MY HOUSE. The radiators are, like, nearly smoking. And, no, I can't actually turn them down or off. But I DID just open the window. Heaven! The relevant factoids I should share are:

1) I live in a 104-year-old building
2) There is ONE thermostats for all five condos
3) I do not control it

The second thing I have to tell you is ... it happened today.
(You're all wondering - oh god, is it something about the weather? again? that girl and the weather! or is it rowing again...? could it be a job something??)
So I get all ready and gathered, get in my car, drive there, stand outside and think ... nahhhhh. So sad.
I'm standing on the boathouse dock, it's sunny, beautiful and cold. There's a bit of a breeze whipping, the air already feels close to frigid, and I'm thinking ... nahhhhh, even though I so want to row! I'm not at complete surrender yet, not yet, but tomorrow promises snow, rain and wind, so no attempt tomorrow. Maybe Thursday?? ??

The third thing: Other excitement of the day -- today was voting day, a special election to replace Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate. There are 4 Democrats running, 1 I easily discarded, but I was torn between the other 3. But I decided. Because it's late and my knowledge isn't as sharp as it should be, I'll leave it at that. Election Day! I voted!

The last random thing I'll share is ... I'm torn all ovah the place about a website name! Availablities include: shanamcgough.com, shanamarie.com, shanam.net, shanamm.com, shanawithwords.com, shanaofwords.com, shanawords.com. Or some other shana+ something that hasn't dawned on me. I know I want my name in it, and I'm leaning away from my last name. shanamarie.com was my first lean. I don't want to be so specific to use "writes" or "edits," I want to keep it short and simple, clear but not so specific I have to worry/change if my focus shifts. And it's not just me debating which sounds better, there are some good articles out there making me think about how will I use the website, how do I think traffic will come there, branding v easily searchable names ... many other thoughts, but I think we'd ALL rather I not recreate the articles here in this post. Anyway. Anyone have a strong opinion, voice it now, and don't be miffed it I do the opposite.

Yes. Get excited. Not as in men pummeling each other and blood flying. No, not that. But me and my love of boxing classes! Yes! Yay! Since rowing talk is going to fade down to me moping, you'll still hear plenty about weather, but in addition to my Saturday class I've been hooked on (ha! "hook"ed on? get it? like, left hook ... oh, never mind) for ... hm, over a year now? I found a new class tonight at another gym, so much more to come, I'm sure. Note: one woman told me I looked fierce or ferocious or something. I thought it very funny. Awesome. Hey - there's a website: ferociousshana? shanatheferoicious? Fantastic way to rake in freelance clients....


  1. I like shanaofwords.com. Then you could create a logo that looks like a royal crest. It would be very cool.

  2. My first Remarkable visitor!! !! So exciting! Thank you for visiting!

    Now, ALL y'all who come anywhere near this are remarkable, y'all know that , but this group I recently joined? I told y'all, Remarkable Marketing Blueprint ... well, we get to be the Remarkables! Crazed marketing actionheros ... or something....