Sunday, December 13, 2009

A name, a name, my kingdom for a name!

This website domain name business ... crazy! Still brainstorming. Officially inviting you to join me! Comments, emails, whatevs. Want to hear the list? Of COURSE you do. And I'm just gonna keep adding (I don't mean that to sound threatening, really). I'd set tomorrow as my deadline ... not written in stone, but how long do I want to drag this out. How long do YOU want to be hearing about it? So the list (all are available), with some comments....

It started conventionally:
  • - easy, professional and available, but I'm increasingly not wanting to use my last name; but it's not an easy name and I don't have deep attachment to it (with all due respect, it's been perfectly upstanding for three-plus decades)
  • - still my name, simple, using "marie" would be new, but OK by me; but it doesn't feel quite as professional or something - as one friend put it - it's just too pretty
  • - yeah ... simpler but kinda clunky
Slightly branched out:
  • shanawithwords, shanaofwords, wordsbyshana - possible, not totally grabbing me
Then, I branched out a little more, came up with wordstorm, which I love (taken). But:
  • word-storm available - don't love the idea of using a hyphen, you'd always have to SAY it, less simple
Then, while reading a restaurant review, I hit wordbiscuit, which I really kinda love (also taken). But
  • word-biscuit
  • wordbiscuits
So, then I starting thinking food, elements, what are things I dig ... the door busted open. So:
  • wordpearl
  • pearlsofwords
  • darkwordchocolate
  • worddough
  • wordspeare (tho wordspear taken) - kind of cool, but presumptuous?
  • wordopal
Ooh, just breaking:
  • worddisco
More to come ... you know it!

  • glossywords
  • wordsandlime
  • wordfuzzy (like, warm fuzzy, get it??)
  • worddream
  • wordbutter
Hey, it's brainstorming....


  1. How about wordthunder, or word lightening - you double-play with words in that they can cut you to the quick like lightening, and yet they light up the world!?!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Cool! I like it; I'll check them out. Thanks for the suggestions!