Friday, December 18, 2009

Swearing about burritos in a stormy website

Tonight, it looks to be shaping up as a collection of a few randoms....

Creative swears! Send 'em!
Gimme your creative swear words! I'm on a new quest. I need 'em. If you were raised to not say such things in public ... email 'em!

An exciting word-form change
Burrito can be a verb. Yes, to burrito. I can't quite remember its Latin derivation, I'll have to get back to you on that. But, yes, a verb, as in: "My friend and I burritoed today." "What are you doing on Friday? Want to burrito?" "How was burritoing? Oh, excellent, you can't go wrong with burritos." This great new word usage might just come in handy next week as I'm off to sunny San Diego! Yep. And this is where every New Englander gets massive weather envy and starts resentfully asking, 'You sure you coming back? Why'd you move here again?" And I can only sit and sigh a little, knowing I can't explain it to someone who grew up with freezing temps and snow shoveling, knowing that it's a rare person who buys my earnest explanation that "no really, the weather's boring, it is, it's always the same (boring), there aren't any storms...."

Coming (predicted) weather fun!
Storm! Storm coming! So they say! So they promise! Tomorrow night - a nor'easter, right now they're saying six to 12 inches o snow, depending where you live. I say -- exciting! It should be cleared out and fine for a Monday flight. The storm watch even used the word "blizzard" along with the word "potential."

That dratted website name
I'm tryinggggggg. I am. I'm close. This is hard! Top contenders are:,,,,,

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