Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blizzard watch

The storm is comin', the storm is comin'! (You're supposed to hear echoes of "Redcoats are comin'" in case you didn't quite get that). Today's layered sky was white to light grey to the barest bit of blue mixed into steel. Not dark and ominous but bright with the blanket of white lying beyond the sky, on its way, getting ready to drop. Excitin'!


Now, midnight, I get to witness its beginning. It started about 10 minutes ago, and there's already a light sugar dusting on the ground. Am a bit bummed the full-force "severe weather" warning is in effect for the next 5 hours, but a girl's gotta sleep. Am excited for what morning will show. Honestly, it feels like tomorrow's Christmas -- same anticipation as when you were a kid -- what will you wake up to??

They're saying 10 - 15 inches right now. Wow!

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