Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a few blips

You think I'm a little crazy (fair enough, see blog title), or a little exaggeratedly (also fair enough, I do get excited), but in this case, I'm neither! Yes, this is about the weather again. But listen -- yesterday we BROKE a RECORD, that's exciting, right? 69 degrees, think it was, topping our previous high for that date of 65. And it was 70 somewhere or other. And then, THEN, I read that it's gonna snow tomorrow! See! This is just weather awesomeness. Nice & sunny out now, so I'll get in a row today and tomorrow morning ... then we'll see! Maybe I'll ice skate the river Sunday! (Kidding on every level there.)


Ohhhhh ... that's the sound of a tired rower, or of any rower, really, past the 10:00 hour ... and it's almost left that hour behind entirely! Ouch. Went to a charity holiday party in E Boston, our rowing club is in the same Senator's district and he does a big toy/money donation event every year. Open bar, pretty darn good food, a large room filled with toys -- not bad! But my brain cells have gone to sleep. And the gatos are fighting, sigh. I do believe this day is over!

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