Wednesday, December 9, 2009


OK. suddenly, I have this recurring problem. It's after (AFTER) 10 p.m., and we all know all things being right in the world, I should be asleep, but I'm not, I'm just starting my post because I just can't not say hi, and this is the SECOND night in the row this has happened!

The culprits:

3 hours of out-loud reading (Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic again, love it), followed by an inquiry about volunteering directly through them (rather than through BostonCares, this super-cool kind of clearinghouse agency that's essentially volunteer by calendar, so great and non-overwhelming), which led to the guy excitedly doing a 30-minute pitch ... yeah ... guy, I'm already ASKING, no pitch needed! So, home late.

Oh, one other recording note, no, make that two -- tonight's assignment was reading the Notes from the back of a James Fenimore Cooper bio. I kid you not. There were some extensive notes, man. And, two, apparently "iconography"is really difficult for me to pronounce. I had many laughing fits, many stops, rewinds, re-records as I tried to get it right, and my patient volunteer partner tried not to laugh.

And then, then, Culprit No. 2: this cool new community I'm suddenly a part of, I've mentioned before (to be referenced henceforth as Remarkables) ... there's just so much there! Interesting people doing cool things, helping each other, giving support and insight and feedback and resources. So much for my little spinning brain to mull and ponder.

So, ZIP, did you see that? That was time ... you (and I) just got streaked by time.

I don't have a website name to whip out with a flourish yet, but I'm getting good feedback, I'm mulling, I'm brainstorming. I'm aiming for a decision by Monday, if not before. And no, that doesn't mean everyone can send last-minute votes on Monday, dang it.

(GASP) I was ALMOST ready to wrap up and I ALMOST forgot to talk about the WEATHER! I'll keep it short: This morning? We had:
1) snow
2) rain
3) sleet
4) hail?
5) winda, LOTSA wind

It was downright excitin'! The snow stopped pretty early, and it eventually turned to rain, then just wind, so everything's washed/blown away ... but it was a good, interesting weather day. You will see the key accessories of the day....


  1. Hey Shana, I'm visiting from RMB and I have to tell you that I love weather as well, and especially STORMS! And living in Nova Scotia we generally get all the storms that you do about 12 hours later. We had all the stuff that you described last night from 5-12 pm.

    Then there's the post tropical storms that usually miss you and come straight to us from the Carolina's or the Caribbean. Now THOSE are exciting!
    Take care,

  2. HI SusanJ!

    So excited to see you here, thanks for the visit! And I'M SO EXCITED TO FIND ANOTHER WEATHER/STORM LOVER, I'M TRYING NOT TO SHOUT ... oh dear. It's just so exciting to me. As is Nova Scotia. It just sounds ... so exotic. And ... you get EXTRA storms? Maybe I need to move...!