Monday, December 21, 2009



already missing the gatos a full 2 days before leaving
missing Boston as I'm packing
almost ready to come back before I've left

so the transition begins
return to a different world
return to an old me's stomping grounds


seeing a barelegged woman in Dallas airport shocks me ... not really seeing much flesh as of late in a Boston winter

airport/airplaning makes me want to go outside and run a few miles, at least
a desire spurred by sense of slug, abounding crap food, the sight of so many unhealthy folks

my but airplane seats are ... cozy


sooooo tired
3-hour time difference huuuurrrrrtttsssssss

but I'll bravely soldier on, sitting here in bed with the balcony door open, hearing the ocean crash ... like me....


  1. Glad you got home safely! Trust me, you're not missing anything in Boston. It's FREEZING. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Snow, I'm missing snow! But, right, I am looking at (an admittedly very windy) ocean right now, so guess I can hang! :) Have a very very very very merry yourself!