Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Progress, there's progress

Oh, such excitement in one day. Little possibilities burbling up, good stuff, but also makes me aware of "stuff" I as yet need to pull together. Like making final decision on business cards, and getting them ordered already. Like those suggestions a few folks made to think about creating a website, pulling together a showcase of my work ... well, as it turns out, when folks approach you about potentially freelancing ... the first thing they want to see? Your work. Of course. This isn't a surprise, I've certainly pulled together and submitted writing samples before, but as I look to freelancing in a new way, I have a new sense of a need for a higher level of professionalism, which suddenly feels front and center. I take my writing seriously, I care about it deeply, and I need that to come across to others, especially those who might be thinking about giving me money for the words I plunk down for them. All quite obvious, but there's nothing like a potential prospect to shift me into high gear and scramble to get myself pulled together. Yeah. But -- yes, I have a potential possibility! An agency I respect deeply and greatly, so it's pretty exciting. Thus all the stronger my desire to come across professionally. And I'm already getting some grand assistance on the "so maybe I need a website" front, so that's awesome and deeply appreciated.

In a funny testament to raining/pouring, I also got a response from the associate editor position I applied for, also looking for writing samples. Naturally. And the theme today, boys and girls.... But it's great and exciting to have some nibbles and maybes, so I'll take it, even with the added stress of "I've gotta get my act (more) together!"

The inevitable rowing update
Eight-mile tow today, so I've crossed over the 300-mile mark with my own miles! So I'm probably at 350 with everyone's miles. It was gorgeous when I launched, the flat water you keep hearing me go on endlessly about (but if you could only feel it), sunny/warm (all fleece layers quickly removed), temps heading for 50s ... so yep, this meant a mini trip to the basin again! Only went as far as Mass Ave bridge, as water was picking up a little. As high, light clouds moved in, I got a dim reflection of a weak winter sun on dark water. Winter is surely hovering, right up there in the clouds diminishing the sun's rays.

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