Saturday, December 12, 2009

When everything's teary ... and/or barfy

Warning: not a post with any conclusions.

I don't know the what then or what next or what-all conclusion. Some days, some days you apparently need to lay on the floor and cry. Or maybe just tear. Even when your face is in the sun. And sometimes, you don't really know why. So it sometimes goes. And so you tear. And when you open your eyes, the tears flow down into your ears. So then you have ears full of tears. Rhyme-y and ultimately, soggy.


This thing called life, what do you think it's all about? Really? I'm not being rhetorical, really, I want to hear. Ever have the feeling you get it on some levels, but are missing it on others? What're those blank levels about?

I'm pretty sure the gatos know, but they aren't telling.


Turns out, it's apparently a hard-on-the-bodily-fronts kind of day for all. Both gatos, barfing. There's a message here, somewhere ... anyone? anyone?

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