Friday, December 11, 2009

And what did YOU see in the world today?

Just a few observations from our strange and wonderful world as I close out my Friday ...
  • An interesting mural on the side of an Allston pizza joint:
    A green, nature-y background with the question "Is this it?"in all caps. And below it two YES and NO checkboxes next to each other. OK, not so very odd. But, in the background, a Santa Claus figure...? I don't get it.

  • A storefront sign I always misread in Newton:
    It's really Bead Art, not Dead Art, yet every time I see it....

  • Today in the middle of Pilates class, I look out the windows near the top of the back wall and see a large, chopped-off tree trunk. Hanging out amongst its shortened, stumpy limbs are two squirrels. They sit, munching on something, watching the class. I am quite sure we are a squirrel movie; they've got their popcorn equivalent, we are their live action.

  • And, it's really, quite, for-suredly, freaking cold outside. Someone flipped the winter switch in a big way. It was 24 degrees out tonight, but with wind, putting it somewhere in the teens, I'm sure. Ah yes, it officially feels like 9 degrees outside, folks. Nine. Impressive.

  • What wonders did you see and feel in the world today?
Congratulations on finishing the workweek. Here's to lovely weekending. Due something grand for yourself, preferably right NOW.

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