Monday, December 7, 2009

The head, she spins (But not like in The Exorcist. Not like that.)

Today was a bit about headspinning and some overwhelm. It's bound to happen. The good news is, I have some pathways to follow to lead me out. As I think about what I want not just out of the right-now phase of my life, but the "what am I seeking/building here," I know what the key elements are: Writing. Words. Editing. Communication. Gaining and fostering understanding. Really nailing what someone's trying to get across. Really having a sense of the intended audience and talking to them directly, reaching them, affecting them. These are beautiful things that I get super excited about. It's great to be a word dork.

But, the good thing is at least I know what work I need to be doing. And, I can do this for most anyone, but I'm going to be more effective if I like and understand the subject matter I'm communicating. Which brings me to the fitness/wellness/healthcare realm where I've spent my professional life thus far. And, I do have a soft spot for nonprofits that are striving to make this world better. (If only we could all be so motivated -- not that we all have to do so professionally, but to have some shared intent within ourselves we could access and act on -- to make things better, to improve, to help.) Anyway, it's nice to look back and see a connecting professional thread in my life! It's all stuff I like, I'm interested in, I have passion for. It is still a pretty large realm, but better than "well, anything."

So, I have some sense of direction, This is good. But then ... it's a pretty wideopen world! So many ideas, so many ways to go about -- do I go talk to that person or this one? Wait, talk to both, right. But not at the same time, no. Do I do that right now? Or do I research my list of organizations? Oh wait, what about those 5 pages of great notes I jotted down when talking to that person a few months ago, I should go back to that. Oh -- I was supposed to follow up with that person. Wait, I didn't order those business cards yet! And how am I actually going to make money from this...? And on and on. True, these are the busy, jumbled thoughts most of us have in some form or another as we go about our daily work. I guess it's that usually there's someone to guide us and direct us as to what's most important, even if we don't agree. The beauty and overwhelm for me is that I can do it any damn way I want. But that's a lot of damn ways, potentially.

So, I go out and find wisdom, out there in cyberspace. There's a lot of it, which is great ... and sometimes overwhelming. So then you have to choose. I've made a few choices, and one of them has led me to this site/program/thing called Remarkable Marketing Blueprint. The person behind it talked about how she wished she'd had a step-by-step plan for how to go about it when she started a freelance copywriting business. And I'm like, yeah, I could use a step-by-step something! I like her site, I like her blog, there's a low monthly price, and I'm like, let's do this. Just the sense that I have a path and a plan, following someone who's done this, and getting access to a community of a few hundred other folk who are also aiming to do this, well, it makes it a little easier.

So, today, was diving into the first lesson, spending time on the site, absorbing, feeling my head spin and swirl. And doing a little of my own outreach as well. Key stuff. And hey, sometimes I forget, but this is exciting stuff, too. Thanks for listening -- today's probably not the most entertaining post, but it's deep in what my day's been sunk in. And if I haven't said this lately or at all, I love this blog. I love being able to write every day, knowing some of y'all might just stop by, so I want to have some words ready for you. I really dig it. Thanks for being part of my support net and for reading whenever you're able to.


All right, enough serious stuff ... let's talk about ... the WEATHER! How I've come to love weather! It's COLD out there! Frosty air hovering outside the door all day long. In fact ... [toe scuff] ... [whispering] I didn't even row today. I was gonna. I was. But ... my throat is achy, my head is spinny (not with illness, just info), and I woke up with a killer neck ache, ow, for real. So, the afternoon came and passed ... and ... I decided I'd go for a run. Which I did with fleece gloves, hat and sweatshirt on! Soon stripped down, but still -- key winter indicator. And,'s saying this is how it's gonna be. I'm not totally done rowing yet, but it may be upon me sooner than I want to admit. I aim to try tomorrow afternoon. There just comes a point where the danger of flipping and hypothermia is too strong a fear. So wimpy, I know. I'd sure like to get to the 400s mileage-speaking. Think there's only about another 20 to go....

OK. I have some index card brainstorming to be done, and I think my neck is clamoring for a hot bath. Stay warm out there (Californians, I'm not talking to you!)!


Post-bath, I have to tack one more thing on -- the amazing people I'm so fortunate to know (yes, I'm talking to you reading this) and the amazing insights and wisdom you share, not to mention the piles of love and support ... it positively humbles me. This brought on my a message from my dad sharing some kind words for me about resiliency. It feels gooey-sappy to say, but I have so much, and it's ultimately just all pretty darn great, this thing called life. OK, I'll try to be really hardass tomorrow as a balance.

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