Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The other coast

A short list of a couple'a things showing themselves as different on this other coast:
  • the obvious: temperature ... it's a couple degrees warmer ... about 40 or so
  • palm trees & space ... woke up to see a palm tree whipping in the wind and what seemed like a huge expanse of sky ... everything here is bigger, more sprawling, taking up more space because there is more space to fill
  • along with the palm trees: birds of paradise all around
  • footwear ... flipflops rather than Uggs (important note: in a shoe store today, I DID see some fleecey sheepskin flipflops ... would I make such a thing up?)
  • outerwear ... given the super wind today, a fleece sweatshirt was key, but slightly different than a sweatshirt, wool sweater, gloves, hat, scarf and winter coat
  • vehicle ... I got to borrow my mom's sleek, spiffy car to get around ... almost, but not quite a Honda hybrid
  • freeways ... with 12 lanes instead of 2
  • evening activities ... 1) I seem to be watching ... TV, how odd and 2) it seems to be a country holiday show ... uh....
  • bedtime ... not that it's drastically different, but the fade begins around 7
And speaking of that fade....

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