Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm not gonna lie, it's a weather post, y'all

Guess what? It feels like -2 outside right now at 7 a.m. Now that's getting to be something. And THAT's the kind of day to help a friend move! I've never moved or helped someone move in the winter. My moves have generally been of the hot, sweaty summer-day kind.

Turns out, winter moving is just like summer moving. Just like it. Except for the wool turtleneck sweater. Over your 2 layers under. And your thick, lined coat over that. And your hat. And your gloves. And your face and fingers going numb in spite. And, it turns out you say "it's fucking* freezing!" as you pass the other helping friends instead of "fuck, it's hot out."

The high was supposed to be 20, but that's without windchill. Low? Let's see, hourly weather says that at 3 a.m., when it's 10 degrees, it'll really feel like -5.

And, let me be clear I'm not complaining. I'm not. I'm in awe. I'm impressed. I love that the weather is a living being here, capricious, moody, changeable and uncontrollable by anyone, certainly not puny little humans. It's like some ancient god, still in our midst, stalking around, doing whatever the damn-well hell it feels like. I love that.

What's cold this cold like?
  • Warm and toasty indoors, you can hear the cold in the wind whipping outside.
  • Venturing outside, and even looking out the window, the crispness of the light and the acuity of all you see cut just like the coldness.
  • Walking outside at night, when the crispness is now knifelike, you can't help but make high-pitched squealy sounds like "eeeeeeeeee" or little bursts of "eee eee eee" or "mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee" or just "fuck."
  • Every time you step out, you're continually surprised by just how. cold. it. is. "It's so fucking cold!" is the constant refrain in your head.
  • I'll keep adding to the list through the winter, fear not. This is just the start.
*Sincere apologies for the amount of swearing herein ... but it's really cold.


Zee naming
Website name, website name, o how challenging you be. Since today was move day, there wasn't a ton of pondering. There was a little back-o-the-mind burbling. Thank you all who have sent votes and feedback, all is appreciated. Right now, and are in the lead. But another candidate might burble on by.

Follow-up naming note: Some of the alternate names burbling closer to the surface are





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