Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clyde, the Christmas plant

[But shhhhh, he thinks he's a tree!]

Yes, a lovely little green being came into my life last night. Behold, Clyde. Spreading his Christmas cheer....

But I found some dirt on the floor this morning ... Sucio's gonna get coal in his stocking if he doesn't change his ways!


I come in from outside, face totally numb and tingling, legs reddened to numb beneath jeans, nose sniffling in adjustment to warm indoor air. But in spite of temps, had to take a walk outside, breathe in that cold air. I headed out at dusk -- beautiful as the light starts to turn, magic, in fact. Went to the (yep, nearby) park ... OK, I confess, I did swing, too, I did. 'cause it's FUN and wooshy. Those winter branches against the dusked sky are stunning. Piercing. Thought about why I like them so much, and I realized it's a tree stripped down to its essence, its very core. Leaves are pretty and green, and shade is wonderful in hot sun. But what a tree really, truly is, is revealed in its branches against the sky.


After a conversation today about some tough, tough family stuff (not mine), I'm soberly reminded that as fun as the holidays can be, as hectic and crazed as they can be, as stressful as they can be ... they can also be really, really tough to heartbreaking for so many going through hard times, going through their first Christmas/holidays without someone, wading through all the family dynamics that inevitably bubble right on back up from our ancient patterns. So, I guess just a reminder to take care of yourself and each other, first and foremost -- more important than ANY thing/gift/party/"should"/pressure/unfair expectation.

And I sure don't mean to lecture. Just -- take care out there, is all.

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