Friday, January 29, 2010

One degree of snippets

So, it's gonna be snippets of the day. Yeah, snippets.

The morning thought, from fetching the paper off the porch ...

Yeah, speaking of the weather ... it's really quite exceedingly damn cold out there. It's the wind. Teens aren't toasty, but with wind chill....

And the noonish thought, trekkng to Pilates class ...

Clear, sunny, blue skies ... damn cold. I think it's approximately 1 degree with wind chill. ONE. And, negative this morning.

Afternoon accomplishment ...

Finally sat myself down this week for several hours and studied/prepped to record my demo for Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, so now that's done! Some complicated prep, lemme tell ya. If I fail, I promise I'll report back, 'cause that would just be funny, right? Well, sorta.

Wrapping up with some weird shit ...

Sorry, but true. Finally managed to make it to a Bread & Puppet show tonight, after trekking to their Vermont museum with a friend last year. And my conclusion is ... that's some weird shit. Some cool elements, but I'm not smart enough or out there enough or haven't done enough drugs or SOMEthing to click with that all. Weird shit.

And now, I may just be warm enough to sleep. Except my feet. But they don't really count. They don't need sleep anyway.


  1. Curiosity has finally driven me to post a comment: what about the Mauricio front?

  2. Mauricio! He's still with me, we're inching forward with our weekly lunch dates. I'll give a full Mauricio update this week, promise.