Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a difference an election makes

So, this post I actually wrote yesterday, pre-election. And I was so happy happy happy. And I was so 180-degrees NOT after the election, there was no way I could post this. So, I'll post it now, as it's after my bedtime, and I've already used all my brain up doing lotsa hard thinking about content for my web-site-in-the-baking plus my new all-grown-up-and-seemingly-professional-type blog that will be on it, PLUS some other content pieces. Oh, I'll give you details once they've baked and my brain regenerates. It's all part of the top-secret-(not really)-but-actually-straightforward plan to find my right people who will pay me money for what I love to do (and helpfully, am good at) so I can get on with living happily ever after already (OK, so maybe I've already started, that's quite cool by me). Yay!

Now, to reel the hands of time back a day and a half, to happier times....


Guess what?!
I'm here sitting at my desk!
My desk.
Yes, working/writing/typing away ... at my desk ... in my office.

Now, this office is nowhere near ready for a visit from Martha, nor even my mother (although there's really a negligible gap between their skills, for real), for that matter (esp since I just took a bite of cookie dough) ... there's mayhaps a small ton of work to do around me, but it's a start. And at this point, that's what it is, a starting. A beginning. To paraphrase the inimitable Havi Brooks, this is me at my desk. Starting.

I'm comfycozy (to quote another Martha), happy to be here. Willa's perched at my elbow, the ever-helpful personal assistant (Here, let me sit right on top of Pixie the Laptop, that's just what you need. What do you mean, no? Fine, I'll sit an inch away and carefully monitor all activities. Especially that Damn Other Cat, staked out on the towel in front of the radiator. Damn him. The nearby higher perch you built with an orange pillow as enticement? Don't want it.) (Sucio, in front of radiator: This is aaaaaaawesome. The Mean Cat is over by mom, so why don't I just ... [flops over] zzzzzzzzzz.)

Snow is falling outside (!) (!!) (!!!) (OK, I'll stop), and I have a new tall green candle lit in the window, for Oficina (hey, she likes the candles, figure it's the least I can do after dumping on/ignoring her for, what? little over 2 years. yep, got a little making up to do).

I am awash with comfitude and also gratitudeness, for sure. Foresounding sure.

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