Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh, the planning ... and the wisdom

Light snow is drifting down, lovely.

What does Friday bring?
  • A website to create (checking out WordPress templates for design, found one very promising ... wanna see??) and content to pour in (OK, and maybe create first)
  • The networking/finding local healthcare (and secondary, fitness/wellness) communications folks to talk to for some clarity about freelance/communications needs and usages and successful models and rates and ... you know, stuff
  • Secondary networking, talking to freelancers who are making it, for whatever gold I can mine
  • Continuing to flesh out my ideal customer (so I know who I'm talking to) -- she needs a name!
  • Progressing on Remarkable Marketing Blueprint/Freelance X Factor courses, which involves creating web content, dreaming up a professional blog to connect with my right client folks, some audio listening
  • A good Pilates class

Yeah, that seems like a start.

And, a few random furthers from my day:
  • Corn tortillas remind me of childhood, comfort (especially heated with butter!)
  • I may be starting to have a Serious Problem with the brownie kids' Clif bars. Seriously.
  • It's good to know that when at a wine bar, me being the non-wine-drinking, and you're in a situation where you just DON'T feel you can in any remote charming way pull off a "no, no, I really don't drink wine ... yeah, I know, I lack class like that..." that asking for the sweetest port they have is bearable. Whoo-hoo, discoveries. Kinda like sangria, minus the fruit. So, less good than sangria. But tolerable!
And with those words of wisdom, I leave you. Got any words to share back?

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