Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dreams and gang members: it's all in a day

Spent the afternoon placing the first strokes of an outline around a cool new project that's burbled up with some friends. The project is theirs, but since it involves the words (the words! love the words), I'm getting to play a role as well. A brand-new kind of undertaking for all of us, with deep meaning, good beginning clarity, fantastic dreams for it to fulfill ... seems to have all the right ingredients for a great project.

Oh, and heard perhaps one of the best comments *ever* (OK, so sometimes I exaggerate) from a friend of mine. We were talking about XC skiing (outing tomorrow! post-stadium ... stadium as warmup, we'll see if I deeply rue that plan) and winter activities and my attempts at skating, which led to my then-roommate's funny comment about the intent look in my eyes when I skated (he of the effortless, backward and every-which-way skating), to which I protested -- it's survival! I have to deeply think and pay attention otherwise I might DIE! So in relating this story to my friend, also a rower, she made the comment that it was probably just my "exercise face" -- and how when I was rowing I got a same look as well, which she characterized as making me look particularly badass (not sure I think that's true but think it's pretty funnycool) and THEN she says -- yeah, when you're rowing, you look like a gang member. When I was finally done howling, I told her that was perhaps the best quote about me *ever.*

Here's to new projects and those intent gang-member faces that emerge when we don't even know it's happening....

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