Monday, January 25, 2010

Blood, miracles and curses

Yep, it's a back-to-it Monday.

Looks damp/drizzley out, cars whooshing by outside the window. Sucio's anchoring the couch; I'm girding up for what I didn't do this weekend (s'ok, it happens), and for a week more productive than last. But not all angsty and stressy. No, not like that. Still with the fun. Just also with the productivity.


That was morn. Now 'tis eve. But hey, on the couch (again, not still!) with faithful sidekick Comandante Sucio Montoya alongside. He's Very Carefully monitoring the neighbor-car-breakdown-with-towtruck situation happening out front. He finds it Sorta Scary, but not yet Very Scary.

So, the cool thing about today? That most of you will think gross, not cool? I busted this very ouchy fresh scab off my elbow in boxing class and totally bled down my arm and dripped onto the floor. Hey, it was a *little* cool. I think it's good my mom stopped reading this, she would be very grossed out and disapproving ("Shana Marie! Why are you talking about blood running down your arm? Why didn't you stop until it stopped bleeding? And why are you taking boxing classes? You don't hit people, do you?" [No, Mom] or she'd just roll her eyes and say "gross." (And even if she IS still reading this, she can't figure out how to use comments! ha! I'm safe!).

Just got Willa Vaca accompaniment on my other side. Also got a few aggressive paw swipes and some very accusing stares ("That Damn Other Cat is up here, too? Your hands are on the stupid plastic thing and not me??" She's a wee bit demanding).

Anyway. Made it to a boxing class with my favorite instructor in a different location. So of course I got totally lost. It's an ironclad Boston rule: You WILL get lost going anywhere new. You WILL. If you're WISE, you'll PLAN for it. So I totally gave up on class, then miraculously found the place, THEN, double miracle, found a parking spot that would take a credit card (only had 3 quarters), THEN, triple miracle -- some guy comes running up to me at the parking-payment machine and hands me his sticker for 2 hours, as he was only here for 5 minutes (this really never happens in Boston, as a rule). Dang! There can be no doubt that it was my destiny to bleed on the boxing gym floor.

Was a great class, fun to get in a noon workout, then came home and plunged into lists and productivity. Some good stuff. Don't want to say I'm onto a potential good system, because won't that curse me?

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