Sunday, January 3, 2010

Returning to rhythms

Ahhh, home again. The holidays, well celebrated, ended; fun travels, seeing family and other loved ones, also complete. Winter, well established -- hello, lovely snow and the fun you bring (first xcountrying of the season this weekend in New Hampshire!).

Time to settle in, enjoy the cold and fluffy white stuff, perhaps learn to make soup, dig in to Operation Find Freelancing.

Nice to have time to just be at home alone -- with the gatos I mean, of course -- time to unpack from two trips and rushed living in between. Unbelievably nice that I don't have to go to work tomorrow in a bad-fit job.

So that's where I am. Nice to be back typing here again. Hope you are enjoying a similar comfy resettling and a looking-forward-to the good stuff the new decade holds for us.


  1. It's always nice to come back home after long periods away. Has the vacation helped you in your website naming quest?

  2. (laughing) Well, I have registered, so that's something. I reserve the right to possibly register one or two of my other favorites, but right now fluidwords is feeling like a starting point.