Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A day late, a ... brain cell short?

So, this funny thing happened yesterday.

OK, not *that* funny, like don't go find Kleenex because you're about to cry with laughter, but very minorly funny ... last night I seemed to have up and temporarily forgot about my blog!

OK, I *warned* you it wasn't that funny. Perhaps rather than funny, it was surprising. Like when parents sometimes forgot to pick us up after school? Or when we totally, entirely blank on some key thing we needed and intended to do? Maybe even that we were looking forward to?

I think the point is somewhere around here:

Since starting this blog, I've been quite aware of its wordy existence, happy to have it, glad it's here, wanting to nourish it, enjoying its near-daily presence ... it's almost become a sidekick on this new journey of mine. And yesterday I even started a post in the morning, as I often do, fully intending to come back to it after boxing (boxing! awesomeness!) last night.

What happened instead is that I soaked in the tub so long, I think my brain cells floated away (a little enjoyable, really). Then after peeling myself off the bottom of the tub, I realized -- right, food! And then I tunneled into my new cozy-cave escape, a novel about 16th century India, full of palace intrigues and love stories. So very much like my day-to-day life. And then I went to bed, and was drifting-offly thinking about Sucio's entertaining frequent daily flips from "purr, purr, flop hard against me, knead, drool, purr" to "oh crap! it's Scary! RUN!" and is often the case with my random thoughts, my corner brain thought, "right, store for blog" and then I cried out, "crap! my blog!"

I was bummed for an unintentinal missed post, but I WAS already in bed with lights out, and you know how that goes (an earthquake would've been like, oh, ground's shaking, huh ... tho a fire would've roused me, for sure).

So, bottom-line takeway, strange to have even briefly forgotten about my trusty sidekick here that lets me flow my thoughts out to you who care to read them. Fortunately, Fine Lines is a *very* forgiving sort, and was ready and waiting this morning.

All those who're fit to insure ...

The major story from yesterday was this:

Well, I have health insurance again. Or, nearly, guess it takes effect on the 1st (something I know well from my member handbook revising days!). You Network Healthers reading this, just SHUSH. Doesn't matter I used to work for a health insurance company ... that insures people without income ... NO connection to me there! Ha.

So, in what I choose to believe is a marvelous twist of fate, I now qualify for one of the state-subsidized plans I used to market. Very interesting to be on the other side (a NH side note: yes, the process is pretty easy, but the Connector website is certainly not intuitive to actually enroll).

More with the swings!

And the minor story was:

Going a little stir crazy in the afternoon, I realized I needed to get out. So, it was a return to the swings in the nearby park again. The swings! I love the swings. Oddly enough, I was the only one on them on a snowy-grounded weekday Boston winter afternoon. I also got my fix of winter branches against the sky (happy sigh), got to see a woman determinedly XC ski around the very-small Griggs Park loop....

And I have to say, swinging on a weekday late afternoon reminded me anew of what a very, very good life (my apologies to the minimalist style guides of the world that advocate eliminating "very" from our writing vocabularies) I'm getting to lead here. I'm increasingly convinced the key is to figure out how to continue leading it, as in, getting myself to self-supporting sustainability with freelancing. Yes, that's not a new goal, been the same one for a bit now, just a goal I'm increasingly sold on, at least for the now of it. It's just the minor figuring-out-of and the doing of ... but a lovely life might be boring without a challenge, right?

All right, I'll go work on more profundity and productivity in my day to share later. Exciting, right?

And the showering, the showering remaining very key, fear not. The gatos are fastidious, you know.

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