Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weather! Why haven't I been talking more about the weather??

It's snowing, it's snowing!
The old man is ... blowing?

I dunno, my childhood weather songs didn't involve snow.

It's beautiful!
Bit white flakes, drifting down. Winter the way it's supposed to be. None of this 50-degree nonsense. Maybe I can even cross country ski again!

It makes for lovely wintry images:
  • A few weekends ago, the most perfect, beautiful, giant unbroken slab of ice covered the Charles. Not that I'm pleased for it to be so covered, but I've accepted it and have to say, this was beautiful ice
  • Strolling around my little next-door park and around town a bit today, there's a lovely powder-sugar dusting on everything again
  • At the park and outside my window, many beautiful bare branches are lined with snow, and because it's not so cold (well, wasn't earlier, more on that in a sec), many branches have droplets of water shimmering, like perfect little transient jewels
  • Last ooh-aah sight from the day: a flock of trees in the distance on a hillside, dusted with snow, looking like that perfect New England winter postcard
Winter, love it.

But, I will tack on: it's damn/cold windy out there now. Like, tomorrow, all day? Temps showing negatives, *maybe* single digits with wind chill. And here I've been wanting to ski. Hmmmm....

Last news, I'm really too tired to write about, but ... Oficina? She's starting to look like a ROOM. ! A *real* *live* room. Like, with floor space. She's not all complete yet, but there have been furtive little bursts of productivity. Looking for more of that to continue, please!

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