Saturday, January 16, 2010

Free your ... space? and the rest will follow?

So this weekend, I'm beginning a homespace -- a Shanaline -- experiment. A trying-to-figure-out putting-in-order declutterification systemification to implement some -- let's not say better, let's say more spacious habits. I'm pretty big on freedom these days, and a space that's more clear not only embodies that, but allows for it.

So it doesn't seem like rocket science, does it? And yet. And yet.

For me, homespace ties back into, oh, at least four separate baggage piles. So, fine, there's all that.

But, on top of that or because of that or in addition to that, or I don't even know what all, there's extra hard. Sneaky hard. Wear-me-down hard. Except it's time to change that, so I will. But it's probably not going to be pretty.

Tomorrow begins the office space, what is a truly cool, great space (huge, gorgeous stained-glass window!) just for me and my work, but somehow it became an afterthought, then a dumping ground, then a huge burden. That recently started lifting; I began to see what it could mean for me; now it's time to let the space do its thing. And I just have to stay out of its way and do some hard (hard) work at habit setting and resetting and consistency. Oh, those sexy, sexy words. Sexy, I tell ya.

Fear not, I'll keep you posted. Not just everything would tell you about the travails of their office organization, you know.

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