Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hope, infused

Just finished watching The State of the Union (live via laptop!).

Thank you, Mr. President, for the infusion of hope. I'd thought it was drying up fast, but perhaps it's all in what you choose to see, where we choose to focus.

I love this president. It's been a long time since I felt that way (I mean, prior to this past year). So many great lines, great points, key reminders.

Feeling proud of my president is very, very novel. I was a big Clinton fan, but it got to where one just couldn't feel proud of him, even while still liking his politics and intelligence.

Pride in president also translates into pride in country, which is incredibly strange to feel. I know how lucky I am to live here, and there's much I love and deeply appreciate about my country, and also much I take for granted. But pride in country ... that's a new one. It's kind of wonderful. A nice note to end the night on. Hoping the morning's headlines don't diminish it, but guess my reaction is within my power.

If you missed it and if today isn't grand and if there's bashing in the news ... go watch it yourself. There's greatness there.

And, there we go, Amazing Grace pops up on Pandora. Fitting.

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