Friday, January 22, 2010

The good/hard. The accounting.

I've begun a little weekly ritual or two (borrowed from Havi Brooks at The Fluent Self, whose blog I've been thoroughly enjoying).

One of them is a little weekly taking-stock, a little review, a bit of a sum-up. I like it because all too often, I feel like the days, and then the weeks, and then so on, simply whiz by in a blur -- sometimes from morning to night will feel like a small eon, the morning a hazy memory that surely happened a week ago. So I like the sense of deliberate remembering, assessing, taking stock, feeling little glows or cheers, or thinking hmmmm, that needs to go better....

So as I look at my list of weekly good stuff/hard stuff ... well, it's kind of a big list.

The good is longer. The weather makes an appearance, as do some of my favorite activities. So do the gatos (total side note: guess what I figured out Willa's middle name is, while in bed this morning? Vaca. Willa Vaca.).

Some of the deeper-level stuff is ... well, there are some good thoughts percolating. Some cool little a-ha moments -- like today, as I think about what I really want to do for cool organizations, it's that, on a simple level, I want to help them tell their stories. Simple, but it's that. Or as I start digging into ideas for content for my new blog and website, I think of this interview series that I would love to do, that I totally could do.

On the hard side? Well. One of the hards is that I'm starting to work on a system for accounting to myself.

One piece of that is looking at what have I done that can directly help with bringing in income. Oh, it kind of makes me squirm. But it's pretty simple. It's pretty important. So, what's the deal?

It's where some of the harder work (for me) lies, but why should it be so? That's an ongoing dialogue.

But for this week, the answer to myself is: nothing. Some saving grace is found in that I definitely did indirect work that will help/support me in bringing in income -- some of it is key.

There's also the accountability of, well, how did I use my time? Am I accomplishing what I set out to? No? OK, was the list too long or the time too unproductive? More dialogue, more learning. At least I've progressed to the point where I know I need a list, and I think the right stuff is on the list.

This stuff, important, but not really so fun. Not so much. We'll see if it gets easier.

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