Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not promising answers

Boy. I have a bunch of swirling thoughts, but feels like they're a bit shadowy and smokey yet to be captured.

Ever have the feeling of wanting to toss the pieces of life up in the air like so much confetti and see where they land, what gets blown away by the wind, what lands on the back of the dog walking by, what lands on your doorstep, what lands right back in your hand?


Well then.

Ever scrape the surface of frozen chocolate ice milk and wonder what lies beneath, slush or solid or liquid?

Not that either?

Ever run your finger back and forth through a candle's fickle flame, wondering at what speed it'll burn, but not really wanting to find out?

I bet you think these will all add up to some deep, masterful, philosophical meaning of life, all tied up in a bow, don't you (except not so much now)?

Not so much. Just thoughts. Not yet baked, still dough.

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