Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dust mites, inhaled

I think I ingested enough dust mites today that they're seeping up into my brain. Let that be the official "oficina progress" update (there is an oficina and there is progress ... and of course, there is some yet to come ... but a serious, solid start). Oh yes, and the official word for all this officing declutterification? It is tenacious. Thank you, Sam!

And that was seriously the bulk of the day. There was a related Staples run in there -- colored file folders! Exciting. Working on some kind of way to systemitize all the pieces of paper that have had the upper hand ... until now. But the system, it is still in progress. In the birthing, so to speak.

Listened to more Pandora radio today than ever possible.

And, best, best news of all -- there's a winter weather advisory, and they're saying heavy snow from 5 - 8 a.m. tomorrow! Makes my heart go pitterpatter to read it. Let it not be a lie! We definitely need more snow because what we had is all melting, and where's the fun in that, and the cross-country skiing Saturday was a little, well, grim.


  1. You mentioned a stain glass window, I think. What a wonderful view that must be to see the sun shine through into the office.

  2. In THEORY, you are so absolutely right, it would be beautiful to get colored sunlight falling into my office. But your comment made me realize that room gets NO direct sunlight. Bummer. However, it's still a big window (natural light! I need it just like a plant) and the window is gorgeous, even without colored rays shining through....