Thursday, January 21, 2010

How 'bout a list?

Deep blue: the color of the wall before me

Um ... "Clubbed to Death" (?): name of the song currently playing on my Pandora "Moby" radio station

One: number of gatos in la oficina with me

60: number of minutes before my acupuncture appointment

Sun: dominant weather feature of the day

A little neighborhood stroll?: fitness activity of the day (oh dear)

Dartmouth: university affiliation of the woman I talked to today about public policy

642: my completely random guess about the number of papers floating around Oficina needing a home, not that I'm discouraged or anything

??: approximate number of emotions I've cycled through today (gee, let's count: relaxed, contemplative, anxious, eager, focused, frustrated, sad, worried, engaged, pleased, content, happy, peaceful, surprised, amused, uncomfortable, concerned, distracted ... and I lose track around there ... there were probably a few more ... welcome to my brain)

3: number of gatos wanting to go to bed (what, I can't be a gato? who says?)

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