Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend warp

So, that thing happened again -- where I briefly forget I have a blog? Funny/weird/disorienting. I log on today, and I'm like -- Did I not post yesterday? Why didn't I post yesterday? What happened? Not questions any of you are likely to have an answer for (beyond the first one, which I already figured out).

So, feeling fairly spacey, but happy. Been a good weekend, not much downtime. Oh -- pruned trees yesterday, y'all! I did! OK, OK ... I *bagged* the branches that fell from the pruned trees, but I *learned* about tree pruning (a little) and I *could've* pruned trees! And this is mostly exciting b/c it's such an un-me thing to do. So, I'm immediately entertained. Plus, it's kinda cool to learn that it is, at least seemingly, possible to do something you didn't know you could. This was for my boathouse, a work party. It was cold out but clear and sunny, nice to be outside, to be helping the Department of Conservation and Recreation out (they have something like 12 paid employees for the state!? and I think all of four (4!) arborists).

Wound up seeing a movie last night, an exciting rarity for me -- Crazy Heart. It was well done and enjoyable but ... if only sobriety came so easy for folks....

Today brought stade-ing and yoga-ing, then a great Indian late lunch and finally interviewing a fascinating young woman for my friend's nonprofit, something I've been meaning/trying to do for several months now. When the article's done, you'll get a link, promise.

Now I'm worn out and needing sleep catchup. Hope your weekends were grand!

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