Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day of dark

I am so deeply sad and disappointed about our election results.

It leads me immediately to worry about the barely holding together health care reform ... and even more about Obama.

And in the aftermath of Haiti, I'm sad and worried about that near-destroyed country.

It all makes me worry about the world. And about who we are, as a state, a country, a global community. About who's winning.

It takes me to the black days when Bush won reelection. I found I simply had to walk away from news and politics until he was gone.

I want to be angry and blame all kinds of people, but it boils down to what it boiled down to after the Bush election/reelection: I am simply out of step with, in opposition to, the majority of voters in this [state], in this case.

And that makes me deeply sad. So much for community. So much for hope. And I fear for audaciousness.

At least for tonight, a night smudged black with disappointment, dripping dark blood from a dead dream.

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