Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My "state-of-my-world" address

Think it's been a while since I managed a "state of this new world o mine post-job" update. Generally, I'm so very immersed in the state of things, that come nightfall and blog musings, it can be the last thing I want to talk about. And yet, it is a very key reason for this blog, and I know I have folks out there wondering and worrying (OK, and hoping too).

So, where are we?

I've decided supporting myself with freelance writing and editing is what I want at this point, so consequently it's what I'm pouring my energy into (good choice, right?). Everything I'm learning is telling me I'll do better with a niche market, which is less overwhelming anyway than trying to serve any/everyone. So, I'm angling for two niches, related yet different: healthcare and fitness/wellness. Healthcare is the initial one I'm working on, since it's my most recent realm of employment and I know I have solid career interest there. Healthcare is still quite big, so Boston-area orgs will narrow it, allow me the potential of direct human interaction, and still allow a big field. Within that, public health and nonprofits are what snag my heart and interest, a pretty good combination. (And there's still further narrowing to do within "public health," which I suspect will be my near lifelong interest in reproductive/sexual health ... global health/developing countries and policy/health access/disparities are bubbling around, too.) So, my networking/find people efforts are focusing there. Grantwriting is also a potential interest, need more information about that.

Another "find people" area for me is other freelancers who are succeeding -- I clearly have a lot to learn on the "business" end of it all, and am hoping to find folks willing to share some of their perhaps hard-learned lessons. There's a vast universe around this online, which is both helpful and overwhelming, and sometimes impersonal.

So that's one whole chunk of time and energy. Another is creating a website (after all those domain name posts, no, it wasn't for naught!). I DID register fluidwords.com as at least a start (there are a few other favorites bouncing around in my head, I can always register if I feel strongly enough/think of a purpose for them). I have some folks helping me here with the hosting part, and my plan is to use a WordPress template as a cheap, easy, non-designy way to just get a presence up (perfecting can happen, well, endlessly, but after). I even have a template in mind, pondering whether it's right for my audience, tho I like it very much, will need to see about customization. So, NOW all I have to do is create content to fill it. Right. Have a sketch for that, the main pieces are a little about me, contact info, testimonials/case studies as I gather them and samples of my work.

My other realm of focus, which feeds into the others but helps give me a clear plan are a few coaching and marketing resources I'm using -- online/audio/call-in courses, with specific "action steps" and homework that will feed into my website and a professional blog (I'll keep this one for ranting and babbling, fear not). A very cool thing with one of the resources has been an online community of small business owners, many creative and tech folks, so that's been great for support and help.

I also am doing some editing and writing of the pro bono variety thus far, but it's nice to have some concrete projects and is a good reminder this is stuff I love and am good at....

So. That's where my time is going these days! Comments, reactions, see any gaps/opportunities?? Let's hear it!

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