Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday micro-lessons

Which started thusly:

I love watching steam from my morning's tea, today brown-sugared Awake, in a mug fashioned to look like it has an exterior of hammered copper. I tell myself it's the ultimate in power mugs -- forged through a cauldron, seared by glowing tongs ... and fired by Starbucks.

And wandered its way to this concluder (not to imply a downer day, just had some flailing, and apparently some repeating lessons):

Today feels like it might've lasted a week. Not so sure why, just that this morning feels like a distant memory. Know how days can do like that sometimes?

Lotsa Pandora listening today, used Norah Jones as a starting point, has worked for a day's mellow, pretty music (thanks, Paula, for the inspiration!).

Today's micro-lesson, which doesn't feel terribly ... no hang on, scratch that clause, I'll stay with the thought. The micro-lesson, that I suspect keeps repeating 'cause I'm not quite learning what I need to, is about re-entry -- even small-level, like after a weekend (and even into a relatively unstructured week with work mainly of my own making). So, I sense this lesson might more usefully tie back to leaving-off points -- ways to make it easier to re-immerse and maintain momentum, in other words.

Spent the morning with a friend who's headed outta town for a few weeks, had a lovely time, some great interweavings of supportive insights, then it was noonish, and then I kept getting sidetracked with phone calls and little pieces of things. Then it feels almost impossible to hit the metaphorical ctrl-alt-delete sequence and just START because it's afternoon ... and what? I don't know, just that I start feeling flail-y.

Think when I ease away from my lists I start to lose my way, then am back at that same starting point -- that there are 10 million things I could do to progress, OK cool, so I can and sometimes do start doing, and sometimes it works OK, but more often (or, sooner or later), I'm questioning priorities and not feeling that groundedness in how I'm progressing.

Why are these simple, simple, simple seemingly self-evident truths so hard to learn/retain?

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