Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday breaks well

So the plan was to do one joint, combined, mashup weekend post, something I've done a few times already, and now just seems to make sense. I mean, if something earthshattering occurs, fear not, I'll do a special edition, but in general, one per weekend is probably fine -- y'all have busy lives, too!

So then what happened? Suddenly, it got late, and I'm getting ever-stronger urges to be getting up earlier than I've been managing, so going to bed seemed to be the thing I needed to do. So I did. And was up in 5:30ish range, I'm pleased to report. Love the early morning. It's like you get some kind of jumpstart on the day -- maybe all the better when you don't have to get up early, makes it all the more valuable-feeling.

So, let's see. Some very nice mellowness this weekend. Downtime, it is good. Some progress with the lovely Oficina. Goal: for her middle to become Sanctuaria. On her way.

See, being up this early, I get to watch light dawn -- something best done from within a boat on the river, but barring that, at least simply getting to witness it is key.

So, there's the start of the Monday, the official workweek. Hope yours is lovely, or that you find lovely bits within it. Me, I'm looking for some movement and flow this week. Have felt some nice little shifts on things I've long wondered "why can't I just manage to do this or that dumb thing? it's not seemingly a hard thing...." And I'm now doing some of them. Liking it.

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