Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blinks, balls, icyness

You blink, a weekend passes.

God, if you close your eyes, maybe half a lifetime slides by!

Sort of feels like a bit of settling here from an aftermath of lots of good stuff, exciting possibilities and even some fun. Plenty to do this week. More with the progresses, please! And I just don't think more coherence is gonna come on that front tonight.

Because I know y'all miss weather talk when I withhold ... it's dang cold and there's NO SNOW! This makes me grumpy. Winter, he's totally not doing his part here. I'm all set to worship and gush and I'm gettin' NOTHIN'. Running from the street to the Harvard stade this morning for the Sunday ritual gave me an ice-cream headache (seriously) with no ice cream in sight, only cold cold wind.

Random note
Icing your side (weird twist in boxing, little tweak, nothing dire) while lying on a couch and typing is difficult. And wintertime doesn't make it more fun.

Something I never thought I'd mention in a blog
So, um. You know that big football game thing going on? Well, maybe you don't, but there is one, it's kind of a big deal in many circles. And, true, it's not so much the kind of thing I generally talk/care about. But I read an article about the coach of one of the teams (the underdog guys), and it was pretty darn cool how far they've come in four years. So in my clueless-about-football way, I was hoping for the underdogs. And they were behind, and then they were just one point behind, and I just checked, and they were way (like way) ahead. Football totally mystifies me, but pretty cool for the underdogs from a place that could use some victory.

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