Friday, February 26, 2010

Yellow, the theme is clearly yellow ... wait, blue!

There's something unique outside. Not sure why it should feel unique, has only been a few days of rain and grey, but there it is -- sun. Had a quickly passing moment when I looked out the window at the early morning light, and the sky was a very pale yellow, crazycool -- no sun up yet, but it's lurking somewhere nearby. Now there are patches of blue. And brightness.

My beloved is saying rain/snow, and there's a bright-red warning! warning! about flooding. huh. Let's take a closer look. Hm. They think afternoon will bring snow(lies!)/rain. Maybe.


Lunched at the world-famous (hey, if they were written up in ... Bon Appetit? or was it Gourmet? I'm allowed to use that descriptor, right?) All Star Sandwich Bar today with friends. Got introduced to the fine flavor of mixed ketchup and gourmet chunky mustard for fry dipping, tasty. While eating ice cream at Cristina's next door, we discussed the unique ice-cream culture of New England -- I'm not an ice-cream fanatic, cookies are much more my downfall, but I've never eaten so much ice cream as since moving here. You can't help it. People are so excited about it. And there's so much of it, locally made, delicious flavors. Like today -- I got Tazo (a local chocolatier) dark chocolate -- it was exactly like eating a dark chocolate bar, yet cold and creamy. Amazing.

And now, now I can no longer put off the date I've been waiting for all day -- diving into Mr King's The Stand -- it's just getting good! Got some exciting weekend adventures planned, you'll get it all in the Weekender Report. Off I go....

Wait -- blue! A cool blue thing, I'll forget to tell you if I don't now. Today I entered a local contest put on by Grub Street (cool local writing org) -- write 600 words, any form (fiction/nonfiction/poetry) about "blue" -- whatever that may be. Was very fun to write, I appreciated the experience -- having a specific writing prompt and a deadline, the spark to do it, the opportunity to submit it somewhere easily. Go, blue.

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