Monday, March 1, 2010

The late-breaking weekender: CURLING action!

Oh, good golly.

It's grey out, tho warm (40s, argh); crunching on an apple, boiling water for jasmine tea; Willa's meowing and per usual, wondering why she isn't the center of attention, and trying to make herself be; Ray LaMontagne's singing the awesomeness that is All the Wild Horses; Sucio's determindedly sleeping on the bed so as to prevent any (Scary) sheet-changing action.

And I have a sore-throat-stuffy-nosed head cold that descended yesterday/last night. Aaaand I just spilled tea on the corner (including keyboard) of Pixie P'dough here, argh. Quick paper towel + hairdryer action, please work. Also, discovered a leaking kitchen sink. And, have a tweaky right shoulder/bicep (please go away). And it's nearly 4:30 and I'm just wrapping my head around this workweek start.

In other words: Hi, Monday.

But, I'll struggle with glumness and starting-upness on my own, wanted to share few weekend adventures (fun weekend! actionpacked!).

There was the mini sorta unofficial art project with my artist friend who is remembering she's an artist. For me, not precisely the groundbreaking artistic talent of the new decade, it meant I got to goof around with colors on a page, which I love to do.

Then there was the v small roadtrip to a friend's lovely home in Beverly (new locale for me!) that also contained an adorable little girlchild and delicious quiche ... oh yeah, and cookies!

And there was a late-night Avatar viewing, interesting. Mostly, I want cute mini-fangs like that to look ferocious when I crouch protectively over my beloved with a knife. Yeah. Oh yeah, and my own personal dragon to go hunting on, please.

But, then, THEN, there was an ... Adventure with Curling (curling!)!
I'm adapting my review from an email to a friend for efficiency's sake....

It was pretty freakin' awesome. Really fun, really ridiculous -- the best combo ever.

First my friend and I had the 2.5-hour drive to Connecticut -- key to establishing an air of ridiculousness for what we were doing. We get to the little building in lovely Bridgeport, gather ourselves, head in ... and there's a line out the door, people everywhere, filling out waivers. So, we sign away our lives and limbs, then try to make our way through the mob crowd. It was crazy, there were SO many people there, and it wasn't a very big space. Apparently, this Olympics business has sparked all kinds of interest in all things curling. This v nice, v well-made-up woman told us there were maybe 120, 150 people at their open house the day before, and probably twice that coming through that day. And on a stormy Wednesday night, they were also mobbed. So, all good fodder for ridiculousness ... I mean ... this is CURLNG, fergodsakes.

Oh, and when we got through the little waiver lobby into the slightly bigger lounge-filled-with-perhaps-lines-of-people-and-perhaps-just-people, we're filling out little nametags at the counter ... and I catch sight of people DOING this crazy thing. So I lose it, and I'm smacking my friend & laughing really hard & knowing I shouldn't make a scene b/c I'm at a CURLING club and yeah, there are people CURLING, sure, but it's SO FUNNY to see the broom action. So my friend's like, what? what? looking around, all confused, trying to whisper to me, thinking there's someone famous there, but I can't stop laughing and smacking her arm. Finally, she figured out I'm talking about the curling action taking place on the ice (the lobby/lounge room has a nice long window for viewing).

We also get raised eyebrows at driving from Boston and are nicely told, there is a curling club in Massachusetts. But my friend discovered their open houses are booked through April (!) and plus we were meeting her NY friends, so yeah.

SO at long last it's our turn, and our group of 7 excitedly heads out for curling action. They have 4 stations set up to teach you little building blocks of curling knowledge. Oh -- OH, and there was also the awesome curling glossary I picked up in the lobby, will have to find it and share some terms. We get v sketchy basics, then are moved along b/c next station is ready. We head over to learn the ... what the hell was it called? the rock hurling action (not what it was called), which was fun. My friend did this graceful body-stretch rollover onto the ice. Then at the final station (came way too soon), we got to actually hurl and release the rock and do the sweeping action, at which I laughed hysterically. It was of course way harder than it looks and you would think it would be, but also ridiculously fun. Not quite sure why, but it was.

Some of the crazy things are that you'd think you'd want to (and you really do want to) heave the stone way across the ice, but apparently, no, there's some kind of "push with the legs yet gently release" thing going on, not that it was really going on for me. Didn't fully get it, didn't get to grill them enough. Then the sweeping -- it's awkward! And hard to time it, I kept having the rock bump into my broom (not good) but if you're too far away, it's also not so good. And, surprisingly, the sweeping thing does get your heart rate up, really. Then, the highlight for my friend, she got to flirt w one of the curling instructor dudes, so she was super psyched on that. Then it was off to find a bar, drink, food (they ordered a platter of like 35 wings, just to start - 35! useless for a vegetarian, but impressive) and the hockey game, fun to watch the overtime (tho I was watching upside down from sitting directly below the TV ... small matter). We're aiming to check out the Mass. club at some point, totally want do it again/longer.

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