Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, lots

Morning breaks....
This morning there was a lovefest in bed.
By which I mean, two purring kitties, snuggled up against me, insistent on dual, simultaneous ear and chin scratching.
We watched the sky get light.
Then I reluctantly told them I had to get up and make progress on getting income to buy their cat food.
They didn't seem highly concerned.

It's bright and beginning sun out, the edges of the air are certainly crisp, but not frigid. Saw a guy walking his dog in shorts. That's a little over the top, but it's the end of a New England winter, albeit mild, so folks will go a bit crazy.

I'm thinking about rowing. Thinking about it. Thinking about a first venture in a double, pretty hard to flip, some stability while I remember how to row. Perhaps this weekend. Perhaps Saturday. Perhaps. Coached sessions start up in about 3 1/2 weeks.

And evening falls...
In kitchen, post-dinner, paper spread on table, lights now dim, desperate for post-boxing bath, but I sense it'll be bath and immediate crash. Bliss' Wish U Were Here is playing, v cool, trancey, international undertones. Good stuff, good for the mood, wind-down-y, long day with good stuff, including: rowing (!), yes, it's true, I'm just too mellow to be exclaimy. A fellow rower who volunteers for lunchtime reading with me sprang the idea on me, and it was beeee-yeewwwww-ti-ful out, so it would've been ridiculous to decline or erg. Being in a double made it safe, we even headed for the wild'n'wooly basin. The first few strokes were just surreal; the motion felt so odd and strange, then they dropped right back into the slot of normal. Anyway, rowing, yeah. Hope you guys are ready to hear about rowing again.

Also, seeing Mauricio -- he's opening up just a wee bit more ... and we found out today spiders have 8 eyes. Who knew? He says he did. He was a little concerned about black widows, knew they were to be avoided, wants to know where they live. I'm like, ummmm ... they were in sheds and garages where I grew up? Don't know if they're here; I'll have to look it up -- unless someone knows (do tell)??

Anyway. Some good morning productivity, trying to get the first draft of the veterans article wrapped up; it's getting loooong. Got some editing before me. I'll have to come back and tell you more about that, interesting stuff. My awareness of veterans and related issues is at an all-time high, which I like, honestly. Feels right. Wish we were all there. Then an afternoon phone call with what may well be my first paying client -- exciting, y'all. Again, too tired for exclaimy, but super cool. I actually have maybe maybe THREE (3) (!) potential paying clients bubbling around, but none has come true yet, and I know all could go away. Still, exciting to be here. And, and, I got 2 random emails from folks I know about maybe jobs -- one I'm not qualified for and is full-time, so don't want it anyway, but the other was about a local college that is apparently desperate for an asap freelance copy editor. Here I am, guys! Don't know more about it than that, but got my info over to the connecting person. Connecting people -- wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Love them. Suspect they are what my business will be built upon -- what most businesses are built upon, really, right? So, super cool stuff. The energy just feels like it's building and feels very good and right. Your shuffling, ancient "paying clients for Shana" dances are working -- please keep them up!

Then, boxing, such an awesome workout. You know, I'm all about having former Marines as instructors. Bring it, bring it. Totally way to go. This is the guy with the missing-toes story from a week or so ago. It's his last night at the club near me, so I'll be commuting to a farther-away club, definitely worth it. And now, now, I need a bath so desperately....

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