Friday, March 19, 2010

Candlelight + computer light

Yes, welcome to the romance of my Friday evening.

This week's run on amazing, warm, springiness has continued, so the night is warmish (it's only spring, y'all). Went for a walk around my local reservoir -- last time I went there, I wrote about the ice. And the night's so nice, there may be another walk in it yet. Maybe to get ice cream. Could be.

The last few weeks feel like a jumble, and it's hard for me to sort what I've said to who, but there's been lots of great.

I can say I have had my first two paying clients. Two! So exciting, so cool for me. Makes the hope something real, the dream seem possible. It's just so, so ... so.

It marks a great milestone ... and of course because our world is nothing but fluid, nothing holds still for the milestone. I awake the next day needing to jump back into doing all the groundwork to keep finding new clients, to continue working on other projects (to progress the website. damnit.), and on and on. Which is great, because it's constancy; of course this is the day-to-day work that is freelancing, I gotta keep it going. But it's also hard. After what feels like this great accomplishment, I want to bask. And this weather ... this weather makes me want to do nothing but bask.

The gatos agree there. Not that they do a ton else than bask, bless their furry hearts and paws.

So, let's be honest, there have been a few days of basking. Great, worthy stuff. Time to pick the pack back up and continue. Colder temps next week will help, I predict.

So, yes, the learning continues in new way each day, but there been so much great flow and energy and results; I'm so pleased and grateful. And it's always good to end a week grateful.

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