Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still falling

The rain is steady and impressive. Unending pelting drops. I can't be as gleeful as I usually would because I'm so aware of how much flooding has already happened in our state. Even if we are a non-OSHA state (oh, read yesterday's post already!).

The usually busy street outside my window is mostly quiet -- walkers, runners, students, children, errand runners, dogs and even cars opting to stay in and out of the rain.

The unruly bush (b/c, yes, I don't believe in brushing my pets' teeth, clipping their nails, nor in trimming things that seem to know what to do all by themselves) outside my porch bloomed completely bright-yellow seemingly overnight, so now it's swaying and waving in the wind, a bright spot of color in a grey day. Yes, it needs a photo....


OK, 96% of me is in bed and sleeping but found a great antidote to grey + rain drear (not that such has affected me yet) -- a kickass boxing class, followed by a soak in a community hot tub.

I had you until the c-word, right? Well, until a great wooden tub materializes in my own backyard (the parking lot with zillions of cars stuffed in? hm, how atmospheric), one must make do. And I know what you're thinking; I thought that at first, too. But, there were no wide collars, no polyester (wait, there was probably some in the bathing suits -- yes, there were bathing suits), no lava lamps bubbling, no nudity, no partner swapping, none of it, nope. Just a very nice, mellow spa with giant wooden tubs that are way cheaper if you opt for the community option -- and my friend and I had it to ourselves anyway. Good stuff.

Now 98% of me is asleep and there's still the teethbrushing....


  1. Just watch out for hot tub folliculitis...not that I know about such things...

  2. Hysterical laughter ... how in the hell could I have forgotten that story?? How, I ask you? The brilliance of denial. Guess it won't be an issue for me during the Summer Games!