Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brain-rain cells

The rain, it is here.
My braincells, they're not so much.
Am trying a little jasmine tea infusion to see what it does. This being the ACTIONPACKEDFULLEXCITEMENT week where I somehow have something every night.

Rare, rare in my world. Not even to Night 2 and I'm feeling (momentarily) exhausted. A socialite, I am not. Tonight it's meeting up with a friend from my olllllddd magazine days! And her current editor at a college alum magazine. Will be fun and entertaining ... once I wake up.

Yesterday and today are a little study in contrasts. Not in weather, but in mindset and work productivity.

Yesterday rocked. Today did not.

I have a great week's plan, which shifted when something new popped up yesterday, which was fine. Until today. Then I had another schedule shift and then the today-planned things plus the yesterday-planned-and-not-done things, which was too much for a single day, and I swear, I got all deer-in-headlighty. Weird but kinda interesting. Well, to me, as part of my quest to figure out the being-my-own-boss plus the key staying-motivated-and-productive. Need of income ranks very high as a helpful tool, but it still takes more than that. At least for me.

I wound up on a coaching call today that wound up only being me, which was a pretty cool bonus -- lots of undivided attention. After asking my questions which were sorta of the "I get the specifics and little pieces but I'm not quite getting the overarchy scheme and how they all fit together and I want to because MAN but do I need to understand things" variety. The guy made the comment, and this was pretty early in the call, that he would guess I had an analytical mind and that I liked to be right. At which I burst out laughing. Because, I mean, I think there's more to me than that, but it did ring a little true. So, his point was about how needing to know the end and every chapter and verse could get in the way of ever doing a thing. Which I think is completely true. And he did answer the question. And, it was just an interesting insight to get from a stranger, one admittedly (well, purportedly) good at reading people.

And -- ooh, I gotta run!

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