Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coherence: highly questionable

It kinda feels like my brains are leaking out my eyeballs.
Whoa, didn't mean for that to be all ital'd, and the ital'ing, it. just. won't. stop.
Beware the ital button!

That's really probably as much coherence as you're gonna get.

So. Tired.
This being out in the world, talking with humans, interacting, all the day and night long...?? DEAR GOD. It's tiring. Feel like I could sleep for 20 hours, but don't quite have that option. And, can't string coherence together or any stories from the day. So you just have me talking about how tired I am. Lucky you.

Let's just all sleep now, shall we?

Oh thank god, thought you'd never ask....

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