Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sucio's post, well ...

So, yesterday was Sucio's turn to post, and darn if he didn't just stay in bed and sleep all day. Truly. All. Day. He might've turned the other direction once, but that would be it. It was a taxing day. (And ha, taxing, I went and did my taxes yesterday, taxing day, yes, it was!)

But, working on falling asleep last night (minor challenges around this as of late, not really getting the why, I'm not an anxious stressball, really I'm not), I realized I forgot to check on his work. So, a blank day yesterday. I trust you were all drinking green beer and possibly didn't notice. Or maybe hallucinated an awesome column that became your instant favorite, and now you can't figure out where it went, but it was brilliant, man, brilliant. Like, the best I've ever written.

Spring continues here -- we're seeing 60s (!) and lots of that yellow thing in the sky. ! I have early-spring image evidence Sucio was supposed to upload yesterday, so I'll do that today.

And angry snarls from the bedroom remind me to tell you that Willa is having issues resurface with sharing her bed, her house and her human with another furry creature who outweighs her by, oh, five times. To his credit, Sucio doesn't seem very fazed by it anymore. I try to be patient, but sometimes she's just witchy.

So, spring, right. Low ... oh my god! Breaking News right here folks -- 71! 71! Today's supposed to be 71! Holy crap. What does one do with such news.... I thought it was gonna be low 60s for a few days, then turn back to 50s, but no. Well, after Saturday, it goes back to 40s and 50s, but I'll have to do some outsiding today. Dang.

OK, so those are some words, freshly morning baked, just for you. I'll discuss his work ethic with the boy in the house, and more later. Have a lovely 71-degree day!

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