Sunday, March 14, 2010

The liquid side of spring

I've got purring gato bookends around me on the couch as it rains, rains, rains outside (as opposed to inside, it's just never good when it rains inside). What a perfect Sunday. Been raining for about three days now, winds up to near 30 mph. Y'all know I'm not complaining, either.

I proclaim today is a day for ... hot tubbing! We'll see if we can't make that wish come true this afternoon -- it's looking promising. After rain abates, looks like it'll be back to 50s next week -- and 62 next Saturday?!

Yesterday I tried out a student clinic for a local massage school -- it was pretty darn good, I was quite pleased.

And, now that it's darktime and sleeptime (didn't feel the time passing there, did you?), I can report the $10 soak in the lovely wooden hot tub was awesome, exactly what one should do on such a blustery day. Esp when followed by a butter-infused choc-chip cookie and cup of tea at a next-door bakery (conveeeenient, no?). This appears to have been a banner weekend for good self-care. There was even productivity interwoven and fun/social things. Yes! Stunning, I agree. In the aftermath, I find myself intrigued by Buffalo stories (the city, not the animal).

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