Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weather, by Willa

MEOW (welcome), says Willa.
Mrrrrowwww (mournful).... (It rained....)
Mrow mrow. (And rained and rained.)

[Editor's note: You might notice a little white paw wrapped around the radiator ... as if in an embrace. Both cats held this pose through our three-day Noah-Arky Nor'ester.]

Meow (and then),
meow meow! (breathlessly -- not easy for a cat) (then, then!)
meh-mew mRRRRROOOWWWW! (ta-daaaa -- the SUN!)

*cat yawn* (Check me out ... I gots all the toys AND the sun, and they're mine, all mine.)
(scent of ever-fishy cat breath wafts through the air)

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