Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Projects, scorpions & scissors

Well, now. It's been a better day on most every front, but a busy day, so the sore throat'ometer is creeping toward red.

Folks have asked about my projects, so ... the cool veterans' org that I'm liking ever more by the day -- that article will hopefully be a solid first draft by week's end for a first read by the org's CEO. After revising, it'll be researching and pitching it to some national pubs. They're doing such an amazing thing, and as a nation at war, knowing many of our veterans aren't getting near enough of what they need, I think and hope there will be a recognized wide interest in good solutions. As pitch time grows near, I'll prob try it out on you all, yeehaw.

And the article for my friend's cool nonprofit offering musical education for inner-city/minority kids interested in classical vocal training (must find more succinct way to say that, huh?), the article about one of his students who took part in a week-long musical master class, that article's drafted; it just has 2 threads & I'm trying to decide if they can co-exist, but nearly done.

The book project is patiently waiting for some attention, but it is not forgotten!

Other little bits and pieces trickle in from folks and I tackle them as they come, but those are the big projects. You know, in case you were wondering.

In a different "project" update, today was a Mauricio day (you know, the newish boy in my life of the weekly lunch dates featuring books about worms and insects and such?). Found out today scorpions are his favorite. Reason why? 'cause he likes them. Yes, welcome to our deep-rooted ever-intensifying relationship. Oh -- also confirmed Oreos are his favorites. He had them out of the lunch bag when he came out with his class to meet me and the other readers. So he polished those and the Doritos off. He disdained the tater tots; I suspect because there was no ketchup, but I'm only guessing, but he was looking around like, where's that missing thing? Anyway, it's most fun, even as he's a great little-boy mystery to me ... the future looks bright.

Had a training tonight from that same program about engaging kids in the reading. Interesting stuff -- it all sounds so simple, until you go to do it and are met with silence or some other challenge.

Have taken part in a few cool teleclasses this week, but the content is still rolling around like so many pretty marbles in my head, so you'll have to wait for the nuggets ... along with me.

And, my hair is getting crazy long. Must get it to some scissors.

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